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Located in New Jersey, Frank’s Isuzu is the East Coast’s largest Isuzu commercial truck parts dealer, with a $4 million parts inventory and daily deliveries to the tri-state area, free of charge. We know and understand Isuzu truck parts and want to be your trusted source, whether you need NPR truck parts or Isuzu diesel truck parts for your NQR, NRR or FTR. Our parts experts can help you find OEM truck parts for any Isuzu model and get them to you quickly because we know how much you depend on your work truck.

We serve New Jersey, including Jersey City and Newark, and New York City, including Manhattan, Long Island, Brooklyn and more. We also can ship your part, whether you’re on the East Coast or beyond. Call or request Isuzu parts today, and don’t forget to ask about overnight shipping!

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Frank's Isuzu Parts Warehouse

Isuzu Genuine Parts: The Absolute Best for Your Investment.

Isuzu Genuine Parts

Isuzu Genuine Parts are OEM replacements for Isuzu truck needs. Using Isuzu Genuine Parts helps to minimize down time by using parts specifically developed for the Isuzu truck product line. Isuzu Genuine Parts are supplied only through authorized Isuzu truck dealerships. They are approved for all warranty repairs and carry a 1-year/unlimited mile warranty.

Isuzu FleetValue Parts: OE Quality Parts at Competitive Prices

FleetValue Parts for Isuzu Trucks

At Frank’s Isuzu, we understand that you want to keep your Isuzu truck running like new, with quality parts that keep your truck on the road. Isuzu FleetValue Parts are a second line parts supplied only through authorized Isuzu truck dealerships like Frank’s Isuzu.

FleetValue Parts are designed with the primary focus being: low cost of ownership, safe operation of your trucks, and superior quality. Isuzu Commercial Truck of America has coordinated the development of FleetValue parts to ensure quality. And while they’re not approved for warranty repairs, they do carry a 1-year limited warranty (regardless of mileage). Our parts experts can give you the details.

Air Filters

  • Removes 99.9% of airborne contaminants
  • Captures harmful particles that could damage expensive engines
  • Cleaner air can help increase engine efficiency, fuel economy and vehicle uptime

Oil Filters

  • Both spin-on and cartridge style filters
  • Filtration media engineered for optimum efficiency, capacity and flow restriction
  • Engineered with center cores that resist high-pressure surges

Fuel Filters

  • High Performance Media
  • Available ports for proper OEM sensor replacement
  • Easy-turn, low-torque valves

Spin-On Transmission Filters

  • Provides up to 98% efficiency
  • Filtration media engineered for optimum efficiency, capacity and flow restriction
  • Center cores that resist high-pressure surges
  • Vibration-resistant sealing gaskets

Connectors and Terminals

  • Save time and money replacing the broken connectors and terminals when needed rather than the whole vehicle harness
  • Meets or exceeds OEM and SAE standards
  • Designed to replace original equipment connectors and terminals that were installed at the factory

Wiper Blades

  • All-metal structure for extended durability and corrosion resistance
  • More flexibility, efficient wiping and extended life span
  • Graphite protected coating reduces wear and protects rubber against the environment
  • Built-in “service reminder” indicating time for replacement


  • Meets high-torque and power pulses exerted by today’s demanding diesel engines
  • Specially treated cords resist stretching and ensure the length stability essential for high output diesel and gas engines
  • Heavy Duty construction provides additional integrity without sacrificing flesibility or belt-to-pulley compatibility

Brake Pads

  • Environmentally friendly and compliant
  • Patented powder coating reduces noise, corrosion and prolongs pad life
  • Contains no hazardous substances

Brake Rotors

  • Longer life, stops quicker and less noise
  • Lowest cost per mile

Brake Calipers*

  • Remanufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications and performance
  • Full OEM replacement of bleeder screws, bleeder caps, bolts, washers and hardware to ensure like-new performance

*Does not include pads or pad installation hardware


  • High efficiency fin louvers enhance the heat exchange performance
  • High-strength welded tank and header are securely bonded to withstand the harshest road conditions
  • Internal aluminum multi-plate type oil cooler and high efficiency turbulators ensure maximum cooling performance for transmission oil

Water Pumps

  • Heavy-duty unitized sealed bearing, impeller shaft and pressed-on hub
  • Casted and precision machine-finished housing and mounting surface.

Mirror Heads

  • Maintain driver and cargo safety by using mirror size specifically designed for Isuzu trucks
  • Easy to mount


  • 10-stage all-coil spring valving provides unbeatable comfort, control and durability
  • 360-degree end mounts provide superior structural strength
  • Corrosion resistance chrome-plated piston rod and bigger diameter increase rebound resistance
  • Teflon dry bearing to increase side-load support, increase life expectancy and performance

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF)

  • Reconditioned to meet the same specifications of quality of a new DPF
  • Inspected and thermally checked as part of the reconditioning process
  • Flow-tested and benchmarked to provide the same level of performance as new
  • Media blasted to give the exterior a new-look finish
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